Hepta Global International Trade provides the following services to customers who want to import products from Turkey:

1. Supplier Sourcing: Hepta Global International Trade helps customers find reliable suppliers in Turkey. They have an extensive network and knowledge of the local market to identify suitable manufacturers, wholesalers, or distributors based on the customer’s product requirements.

2. Product Sourcing and Selection: The company assists customers in sourcing the desired products from Turkey. They work closely with the suppliers to ensure that the products meet the required quality standards and specifications.

3. Price Negotiation: Hepta Global International Trade negotiates the best prices on behalf of its customers. Leveraging their experience and industry knowledge, they strive to secure competitive pricing to maximize cost savings for their clients.

4. Sample Management: The company manages the process of obtaining product samples from Turkish suppliers. They coordinate the sample requests, arrange shipment, and ensure that customers receive the samples promptly.

5. Quality Control: Hepta Global International Trade conducts rigorous quality control inspections to ensure that the products meet the specified standards. They can perform pre-shipment inspections, factory audits, and product testing to guarantee product quality.

6. Logistics and Shipping: The company handles the logistics and shipping arrangements for imported goods. They coordinate with freight forwarders, shipping lines, and customs agents to ensure smooth transportation and customs clearance processes.

7. Documentation and Compliance: Hepta Global International Trade assists customers in preparing the necessary documentation for customs and regulatory compliance. They ensure that all import/export documents, licenses, permits, and certificates are in order.

8. Customs Clearance: The company helps customers navigate the customs clearance process, ensuring that all legal and regulatory requirements are met. They work closely with customs brokers to expedite the clearance process and minimize any potential delays.

9. Warehousing and Distribution: Hepta Global International Trade can provide warehousing and distribution services for imported products. They can manage inventory, handle order fulfillment, and arrange domestic distribution within Turkey or international shipping to other destinations.

10. After-Sales Support: The company offers after-sales support to its customers. They act as a liaison between customers and suppliers, facilitating communication and addressing any post-importation issues that may arise.

For more specific details and personalized assistance, it is advisable to directly contact us.